Challenges faced while switching from work setup to academics life

TechNews Writer
Mon Feb 22, 2021

While the option of a career switch is mostly taken to either explore more horizons or to enhance oneself and improve one’s skillset, it generally is not an easy task for sure, and people do feel hesitant to make a switch as the amount of effort during that process is a lot more than expected.

Something similar happened when I came here, and it took me almost one full semester to adjust to a new pattern of life. Being from a working professional background for over a year and coming back to student life was a bit difficult at first; when you are working, you don’t have to study for specific subject for a longer duration rather work on a particular project or assignment until a specific deadline. The work environment is much different than the academic environment as the former provides the flexibility to submit weekly or biweekly reports, and the latter requires you to study for that whole duration and submit assignment responses. Though the assignment pattern is similar, the experience of working in corporate and studying in an academic environment is altogether very different.

Why do people find it challenging to get back to studies once they have started working? It's mostly because work life is fairly consistent, and once you are into it, it remains somewhat similar for all the upcoming years even if you change organizations. On the other hand, when you are into student life it is accompanied by various other activities like student clubs and organizations which makes it livelier rather than following the same routine. Even the variety of subjects in the curriculum makes it more interesting when compared to working on same or similar projects over and over. While working on similar projects in an organization helps gain command and adds up to the work experience, studying different subjects and participating in non-academic activities makes the student life more enjoyable and memorable. Hence, we can say that one who is already in an organization will find it difficult to enter back into study life as they are so much more accustomed to working on the same projects over time that it takes them time to switch to a setup which requires studying multiple subjects simultaneously for shorter durations.




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