What’s more sumptuous than Chicago's favorite deep dish pizza

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Mon Apr 26, 2021

Pizza has been a favorite tradition for Windy City residents. The pizza styles in the United States have always been a little diverse, varying from the New York City's famously thin pizza to the Chicago’s deep dish pizza or even the oven grilled pizza. Venturing into the history of how Chicago came on to the pizza map of the world, we get to know about the rivalries between families for generations and still lingering questions of who started it first. 

Deep dish pizza was introduced from a very famous civilization of the ancient world, the Greeks, when the first invented that bread can be stuffed and baked to get a real piquant delicacy. Then when the Italians were introduced to tomatoes by the merchants of the Americas, they soon started to make the bread an even more intricate delicacy. Pizza got widespread because the availability of the tomatoes was increasing, and a basic baked snack of bread and tomatoes constituted a cheap staple, meaning it was available in every person's house. Pizza was first considered a poor man's food or a street food, until it began to spread like wildfire across Europe. 

America got its first pizzeria in Manhattan by a street vendor named Gennaro Lombardi. Soon, pizza took over the United States as well; people started loving it and all the Italian immigrants of the early 1900s started to serve up this delicacy in restaurants. When the east coast got saturated with jobs, immigrants started moving west, and for many the best option was Chicago because of the abundant opportunities that were available in the city. In 1943 the pizzeria Uno served the first pizza pie in Chicago, later evolving into a deep dish style because it is not made in a baking sheet but in a pan with the crust held up on the sides, holding the fillings. The Lou Malnatis’s pizza family still say that the deep dish was their adaptation, but there is still no recorded history on who made this sumptuous dish first. Slowly, the dish was adapted by many other families, and now we have Chicago's famous deep dish pizza. We still don't know which is the best deep dish, but I can say this in my opinion that when you come to Chicago, try out the famous deep dish pizza before anything else.

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