The impact of micro effort

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Mon Nov 02, 2020

Everyone in this world, no matter who it is, has begun their journey from a diminutive effort. Humans are greedy for ambitious goals in their lives. Although it is not a bad thing, everyone struggles with balancing the equation of ambition to effort. This is where the heart of the problem lies. I often recall Newton's third law, "Every action has an equal and opposite reaction." To me, this makes perfect sense not just in physics but also in our lives. For any goal, an equal amount of effort is required to conquer it. But here comes the third factor, "time" that is constantly running evaluating your efforts if you can reach your goal or not.

There is a famous saying, "the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step." We do realize this but are trapped under an illusion that all the collective efforts made at the end will fetch the results we desire. Our lives are similar to a car engine, wearing out the engine will ultimately collapse the engine. So, if this is the case for our goals, what should we do to achieve our goals? The answer to it is micro effort. This is nothing but establishing a small amount of time and effort towards our goal every single day, so it bears fruit sooner than we expect. There are several advantages to doing so and surprisingly not a single downfall.

The first advantage is it aligns your body and mind towards reaching your goal. For example, if you have set a deadline for you in a week, and you plan to do everything on the day of the deadline, you most probably will lose the appetite to complete it and will end up doing it with hate. This will indeed turn into a futile outcome with added stress and exhausting. If the same task is done over seven days with a constant amount of effort, you will start liking what you do and in the worst-case scenario, you'll even love your work. The second advantage is you will achieve the goal even before you realize it. As this is a daily journey of effort and not a one-time effort, you will reach there without realizing the pass of time. The third advantage is you get rid of the most vicious demon called "procrastination." This is the most widespread disease among us that has crept into our lives making our lives the most difficult for us. If you think about it, we have abundant time in the day, that we could complete the same task multiple times. But procrastination creates a hostile environment that prevents us to do the same work even once within the stipulated time.

Finally, the most important benefit of micro effort is you tend to finish the goal sooner leaving you with excess time to enjoy and appreciate life. Eventually, you will end up achieving more goals than you ever imagined. So, stop squandering your time and start doing NOW!



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2020 - Fall - Issue 8