Some tips that can help you improve your coding skills to get through the screening process

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Mon Feb 22, 2021

Interviews and the different phases for getting a developer job is a long process and can take anywhere from  three to nine rounds until you are offered a job. The least number of rounds expected after your resume is shortlisted includes two technical rounds and one human resources round.  

Some companies prefer multiple technical rounds with different people in a panel can ask the applicant to solve the questions on the whiteboard. This is done with an expectation that the applicant will speak aloud their thoughts while coding so that the interviewers can actually understand the approach and thought process behind how the applicant is trying to solve the given problem. While some face challenges while speaking their thoughts aloud, some are just unable to interpret the problem and relate it to real life scenario. The remaining are not much fluent in the language itself in which they are coding and thus face issues while implementing their thoughts, even though they might be thinking in the correct direction.

For those who are looking to improve their coding skills, the first most important thing is to understand the basics of the language that you are planning to use during your assessments and interviews. Nowadays, the interviewers and the tests are pretty flexible, so they generally give you the option to choose your preferred language of coding, unless it’s a language specific role where the job role itself mentions the language which is required: for example, a C++ developer. For this role, obviously they would want you to know C++ well, but in other cases, the interviewers will likely ask you your preferred language, so I would suggest working on one or two languages which you like the most and make your skills strong in those.  

After you have mastered the basics about the syntax, helper functions, libraries and all the operations of the language, next comes the practice part. Coding and mathematics are two things which can only be mastered and improved by lots and lots of practice. Some websites which can help you improve your basics include “,” “,” while there are websites where you can post your queries related to coding and find related discussions like “” Some websites which can help you prepare and solve past related interview questions include “” and “” There are multiple websites out there which provide coding related study and practice material, but the most important thing is to stick to one source and complete all the provided material on that source rather than jumping from one place to another so that you can get a complete hold of it.

Preparing for the job process is tiring, but if done in the correct format, it can render great results.




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