The Last Humans - The End

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Mon Nov 30, 2020

It was day 301, in the year 2820. Everyone was hanging by a thin thread of hope with nowhere to go. The human race was on the brink of extinction. It was another normal day at the space ship, but they did not realize everything was going to come to an end in exactly 102 minutes 37 seconds. Not because they are going to die naturally, but the universe has other plans, a meteor shower of a 250-mile radius is approaching the spaceship at 4800 miles per hour. Usually, the spaceship can steer clear of this doom if they could see this. Of all the variables the scientists considered to survive in space they did not take into account the meteor shower was in the size of microns that is almost impossible to detect. Let us all agree space is filled with wonderful nightmares that even the brightest minds cannot anticipate.

It was T minus 22 minutes until the meteor shower hits, the spaceship's control system started behaving weirdly. The loud alarm and the blinking red lights were going crazy all over the place. The pilots had no idea what was going to hit them. The micron meteor shower was impossible to see or detect on the radar, but the force created by the fast-moving space objects were six times more than the sun's gravitational pull. The final nail to the coffin was decided. There was no escape to it. The human race so far they have anticipated everything that might happen and the end was due to the least anticipated one. The scientists and human beings were going berserk not knowing what to do. 

While trying to figure out what was going on one side, the other side was getting ready to dispatch into tiny capsules, but the problem was they did not know which direction they should go and where do they go to even survive for a bit longer. It was T minus 5 minutes, the asteroid was 25,000 miles far yet the pressure was so immense to crush the space ship. It started denting on the sides. The dispatch of the last humans began in all 360 degrees. The scientists used the last set of human lab rats deciding which angle and direction they should launch their only Hope. The capsules burst into flames as soon as they dispatched. The tiny capsules could not withstand the enormous pressure. There were only five humans remaining in space ship including one pilot, a scientist, and hope. The hope was set to be launched with maximum thrust in a direction that had the least burst. It was T minus 2 minutes, the asteroid has not yet contacted space ship yet the spaceship was half gone. The scientist didn't have time anymore to make calculations, it was now or never. He finally took his chance and shot the capsule that had Hope with the maximum thrust the spaceship could have. Inside it, there was a calm woman sleeping with no clue whatsoever happening outside. She was sent in the direction of least impact and she barely managed to get out the pressure field with inches to spare. This was the last visual the remaining humans in the spaceship saw before exploding into a huge ball of fire. The scientist's last words were, "we succeeded to plant hope into humankind and in the universe. It is now up to god and nature itself to decide."

After three days of aimlessly floating in space, the capsule that contained Hope, finally reached the orbit of a planet. It was half the size of earth, but it was nowhere near the conditions of earth, the gravitational pull of the planet was two times lesser than the earth. Due to this, the capsule started crashing into the planet due to the pull, Hope was still asleep unsure of what was happening. It would crash the orbit in 14 seconds exploding the capsule. The landing system that should have worked was damaged in escaping the asteroid belt. It is programmed that Hope will wake up only after successfully landing on a half fertile land as earth. But the normal landing was impossible and there is no way she would survive. She was reaching close to the surface of the planet. Suddenly there was a huge sound that was similar to thunder and smoke was all over the place. There was a huge hole in the land the size of three miles. After a few seconds, there was a feeble broken voice that came from the capsule machine saying, "Land successfully, the conditions in the planet are 75 percent similar to earth. Congratulations Hope you made it. Now the human race lies in your hands." The smoke started to clear and there was a shadow of a human-like figure, it was huge. It almost looked like a god that had saved the capsule. The capsule was saved by this human. After the smoke had cleared, he approached the capsule and checked what was inside. He saw a young woman still sleeping inside and there was a set of words displayed on the screen. Slowly tears started rolling past his cheeks, he screamed like a mad man that shattered the skies, but not with pain, it was with joy. The huge man was none other than XSJM-27 who took off from the capsule in search of the alternate home planet days ago. After 47 days of meaningless wandering, he had finally discovered this planet and named it "New Mother." The test results he got were all similar to that of earth and he could breathe without the artificial air for a few seconds.

He was in an exotic joy when he found this planet and just when he was about to contact the ship, he heard a huge blast and he had lost the battle. He was halfway there as he successfully found the home, but before he could even tell the spaceship the news, it exploded. He was left all alone in this universe as a last, lost human. But there was a miracle as the capsule came crashing towards him. He used all the force from his capsule to counter the incoming force that barely landed the capsule. The words on the capsule said, "She is the last mother who carries three children in her. She will make this human population grow again. Her name is Hope. The whole mankind died to preserve her." Hope was the last woman on earth who could produce children. The scientist discovered this rare DNA that was due to a one in 100 trillion chances that could actually produce children without the help of a male. From that day onwards, she was protected in a capsule hidden from the rest of the world, Only 10 scientists on the whole earth knew about her and sworn their lives to keep it a secret and ensure to protect her at the cost of the whole world.

She was there lying inside the capsule calmly slowly opening her eyes without a clue what was happening around her, seeing the tall figure who was crying like a child. As he gazed into her eyes, he immediately knelt down bowing to her saying these words in a stern voice. "Mother, I swear, all my life I will live beside you serving you and the future humans ensuring humanity survives." And hence the "New Mother" was formed again and this time XSJM-27 made sure to note that it was due to a trillion human sacrifices the humanity is alive and this history will forever be remembered.

The End



Appears in
2020 - Fall - Issue 11