One special person that I have met

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Mon Feb 22, 2021

It's not how much you've encountered someone, it's the value they've made on your life that counts. I met some of the most important people in my life during my school times, I believe I was in sixth grade. I didn't realize at that time, as I was too young to understand that this person wasn't only going to be a friend of mine, she was going to suddenly change my life. It was around 13 years ago when I was standing in chemistry class at middle school when the teacher told the class that we will be having a new student. The teacher asked the students if there was someone wanting to show her around, so immediately I decided to volunteer.

Grade six was an amazing year as you were still so small, young, and immature, however, you're at the top of the hierarchy. You're the one who's going to sit in the back seat of the school bus. This is certainly an exciting year for a new student to join our tiny class as we moved from being at the top of the hierarchy to being a tiny fish in a deep lake.

It's years since I met Maria. Maria was adopted from Cuba and introduced to our group with no knowledge of English. Working with some of our mates, we wanted to make the sixth grade amazing. The sixth grade specular was a talent contest that all the students took part in, which was a big deal for our class. We wanted to do the Collins 3 choreographed neck song and dance to Beeb. Before the huge day, we headed to each other's houses to learn our dance moves. This is the moment that I heard about the life that Maria had come from or the life that she had been gifted with. While we got really close that same year, Maria and her parents moved to few places back and forth, and we lost contact, except for the occasional email or text. Around seven years later, all of us received the news that Maria had died.

Her death was perhaps the most disturbing news I've ever read, all these years later. I've never realized in a couple of months that anyone is so caring and enthusiastic who would ever want to leave earth. She was far beyond anyone I've ever seen before.

Maria is one of the friends I'm happy I met. I know this was years ago, and I think we haven't known each other after a long time, however when she moved to London I was also one of her first best friends. While I was expected to be the one who supported her adaptation to her fresh start, she was the one who supported me. She showed me how fortunate I was. She assured me that even the comfort of a toilet roll was fortunate and I'm so grateful that I met her because she altered the way I saw life and she taught me how beautiful life is.



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