Meet your new Student Government

Technews Writer
Sun Aug 21, 2011

Do you want to be involved in changing Illinois Tech for the better by working on projects like the Google Integration, the Student Discount Project, or the in-progress Foreign Language Program?

One opportunity to get your hands dirty with the Illinois Tech community is working with the Student Government Association (SGA). As the name implies, SGA is the governing body of student organizations on campus, but its reach goes far beyond simply keeping track the well-being of student organizations. SGA is divided into three branches, Student Senate, Finance Board and Judicial Board.

Student Senate is the most public of the branches. Student-elected senators from all colleges at Illinois Tech work to speak as a representative voice of students in their colleges. Senators work on specific committees to address issues they see in the Illinois Tech community. Past projects we’ve worked on include switching the email service of Illinois Tech to Gmail, as well as extending Galvin Library hours to 24 hours a day, five days a week. The administration needs students like our senators in order to know how we want to see the school change. The more students like you who get involved in improving the school, the better this school will get year by year.

Finance Board allocates the money paid by every student toward student life, a fund called the Student Activity Fund or SAF. Finance Board is committed to making sure the money all students pay toward student life is distributed fairly and used properly.

The last branch of SGA is Judicial Board, which acts as a check to the power held by the other two branches. Maybe you’re thinking Senate and Finance Board have a lot of power, and you’re right, but like in any good system, Judicial Board is put in place to make sure neither of the other two branches is abusing their power.

So that’s how SGA works. It’s a great way of getting involved on campus and being involved with projects that really make an impact on the whole of Illinois Tech. If you want to find out more, visit the website at, email, or visit the SGA table at the Student Involvement Fair this Wednesday in the MTCC.