Fast to Feed bigger than ever

Technews Writer
Sun Aug 21, 2011

Every year during Ramadan, MSA organizes "Fast to Feed" - an event which invites non-Muslims to join in the fast for one day, and fundraises for the Greater Chicago Food Depository. This year, the Office of Spiritual Life and Service Learning is intentionally making this an interfaith project, and has the active involvement of multiple faith groups on campus. This will be a cornerstone of IIT's President's Challenge programming (you can find more info about the President's Interfaith and Community Service Campus Challenge here:

This year, Fast to Feed will be held on Thursday, August 25. We aim to make this a kickoff to a year-long series of service events spotlighting the issue of hunger in Chicago. There are many ways that students, staff and faculty can take part in Fast to Feed:

1) Join in the fast on August 25. Participants are invited to come and break the fast that evening with the MSA (more info below).

2) If you have a meal plan, you can donate points (any amount you like) to benefit the Greater Chicago Food Depository. Sodexo will use the points to purchase food for the Chicago Food Depository.

3) Make a cash donation. MSA and members of other participating organizations will be on the MTCC bridge on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday (during the lunch and dinner hours), answering questions about Fast to Feed; on Thursday, we will also be collecting cash donations for the Greater Chicago Food Depository.

4) Donate canned goods. We will have collection boxes available -- on the MTCC Bridge during the lunch and dinner hours Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, and outside the Office of Spiritual Life and Service Learning (MTCC 212). Sodexo will match the amount of cans donated and donate a similar amount of canned goods to the depository as well.

On the evening of August 25, at 7 p.m. (shortly before sundown and the breaking of the fast that day), we are going to have a program in which participants talk a little about fasting within their own faith, sharing prayers and traditions as they relate to fasting. We invite all Fast to Feed participants to join us for this wonderful interfaith gathering, and the breaking of the fast that immediately follows. Both events will be held in the Hermann Hall Ballroom.