Labor Day Weekend at Navy Pier

Sun, 2017/09/10

For the people of Chicago, Labor Day weekend marks the final hurrah of the summer before the city starts its slow and steady march towards the severe, icy cold conditions of winter that the city is known for. Because of this, numerous summer long events in Chicago have their final occurrence during this weekend, including Navy Pier’s weekly summer fireworks display. Despite rainy conditions on September 2, countless people came to the pier to see the finale of the summer fireworks.

Over the weekend, in addition to fireworks, Navy Pier also hosted the annual Great American Lobster Fest, which was located in and around the Grand Ballroom at the end of the pier. Lobster meals included either an entire lobster or a selection of lobster tails and claws, for those people who like to eat only those pieces of the shellfish. Crab, shrimp, and other varieties of fish were also available for those who didn't like lobster or the work needed to crack and break open the shell to extract the meat within.

In addition to more lobster than one could ever possibly need or want in their lifetime, the venue inside the ballroom also had live musical performances from groups such as the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies, playing original pieces in addition to classic Frank Sinatra and other pieces requested from the audience. Outside, another music venue and several pop up bars and food stands were set up to cater to those people who did not purchase tickets for the main indoor venue. Restaurants such as Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville, Cold Stone Creamery, and numerous lesser known local joints all sold selections of some of their finest seafood dishes. A selection of vegetarian and non-shellfish options were also available for visitors to try.