SGA holds informal "mixer" event as meet-and-greet for senatorial candidates

Fri, 2017/09/15

On the evening of Wednesday, September 13, the Student Government Association (SGA) held an informal “mixer” event where those who were running for SGA senate could talk with previous senate members, meet the executive board, and learn more about the inner structure of SGA.

The mixer started off with President Morgan Peters introducing herself and explaining that the purpose of this event was to make those in attendance familiar with the people and structure of SGA, in order to ease their way into their prospective new positions. She explained that the SGA senate is comprised of four committees: academic affairs, student sife, events, and communications. The vice president of each of these committees was present at this event to give a little bit more information about each, and the executive vice president of SGA was present as well. Peters explained that her position as president of SGA meant that she communicated with administrative staff and faculty about what students wanted, and did things like speak at convocation and Board of Trustees meetings.

Academic Affairs Vice President Golzer Shobeiri spoke next, explaining her role at the helm of that committee. Her work in that position deals anything that students want to change about the school itself, such as TA issues. Shobeiri is also present at Board of Trustees meetings, academic affairs committee meetings, and University Faculty Council meetings, and is a voting member of the Undergraduate Studies Committee.

The executive vice president, Alyssa DeLuca, greeted students next. DeLuca said that her job as executive vice president meant that she presides over senate,is the treasurer of SGA, and that she performs many other miscellaneous tasks, like answering the SGA email and keeping track of the calendar. In DeLuca’s words, “It’s an odd job, but it’s cool.”

Trixie Weiner, the vice president of student life, explained that her job consists of dealing with student life issues. One major project that the student life committee followed through with in the previous semester was the addition of healthier vending machines on campus, which are now available in multiple buildings. The committee also works with five organizations on campus in the form of advisory boards: the Student Health and Wellness Advisory Board, Technology Advisory Board, Food Advisory Board, Career Services Advisory Board, and Library Advisory Board. These boards meet so that students can talk with administrative staff about their issues or questions, and all meetings are open to all students.

Events Chair Adeena Ahmed introduced herself next. According to her, the events committee -- aptly named -- helps put on all SGA events, such as the Town Halls. The committee is also in charge of purchasing trinkets such as water bottles, flash drives, and pens that brandish the SGA logo to be handed out to students.

Nathan Jones, the vice president of communications, then took great efforts to promote excitement for his committee and encouraged all those present to follow SGA on virtually all platforms of social media. The committee, according to Jones, is in charge of communicating with the student body, listening to concerns and issues that students may have, and does things like make posters and run the SGA website.

Secretary Erin Nelson briefly explained that her job was to do essentially whatever Vice President DeLuca told her to do, but that she also took minutes during senate meetings.

There were no representatives from either Finance Board or Judicial Board at this meeting; however, a brief explanation of both was given. Finance Board is a group with the responsibility of allocating Student Activity Fund (SAF) funds to student organizations, and Judicial Board is an investigatory and trial board responsible for things such as impeachment requests and Finance Board appeals.

After this, all those present gave brief introductions. Many of those in attendance were students who were running for SGA senatorial positions for the first time, although there were quite a few existing senators there. While some mentioned that they were not planning on re-running, most seemed to share a wish to continue to be involved in SGA in some way moving forward.

Senate elections close on Wednesday, September 20, and voting can be done at