This Week in History: September 17th - September 23rd

Fri, 2017/09/15
Joshua Ferm

Monday, September 17, 1787

Fixing the Articles of Confederation, the Constitution of the United States of America was signed in Philadelphia with seven articles and establishing itself as the supreme law of the country. This also divided the government into its three branches: the Executive Branch (the President), the Judicial Branch (the Supreme Court), and the Legislative Branch (the Senate and House of Representatives).

Tuesday, September 18, 1934

The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics joined the League of Nations in an attempt to stop any further world wars. Unfortunately, in 1936, the League was unable to sustain its purpose of preventing wars, and it was disbanded. It was later replaced by the United Nations.

Monday, September 19, 1796

George Washington retired after two years in his presidency, and his farewell address was given on this day. He then retired to his home on Mount Vernon with his wife Martha. Washington was unanimously elected president after his success in the Revolutionary War as one of the bravest and most knowledgeable people to help the Americans beat Britain.

Monday, September 20, 1909

The United Kingdom’s Parliament passed the South Africa Act, creating British colonies in the Cape of Good Hope, Natal, Orange River Colony, and the Transvaal Colony. This created numerous trading ports and open communications for both countries to trade.

Tuesday, September 21, 1937

J.R.R. Tolkien’s "The Hobbit," or "There and Back Again," was published, allowing his fantasies to finally come to life. Later he would create the sequel series "The Lord of the Rings," one of the present-day highest grossing film series of all time.

Wednesday, September 22, 1993

When a barge struck a railroad bridge in Mobile, Alabama, 47 people were killed. This was Amtrak’s deadliest crash in its history. All three of its locomotives, going seventy miles an hour, plunged into the river, leaking around six thousand gallons of fuel.

Thursday, September 23, 1909

The acclaimed book "The Phantom of the Opera" is published by author Gaston Leroux. Since then, "The Phantom of the Opera" has been adapted into films, plays, musicals, and many other productions and is one of the most beloved stories in the world.