Renovations Completed at Navy Pier

Sun, 2017/09/17

Over this past summer, Navy Pier underwent significant changes in the form of renovations spread across the celebrated Chicago landmark. These included, though are not limited to, the exterior amenities and decorations, restaurant seating area, movie theater, and parking lot structure. These projects required a significant portion of the pier to be closed off to tourists and visitors for extended periods of time, but considering the results the work has produced, they were well worth it.

One of the most noticeable changes is located at the very front of the pier, which is now home to a large, highly advanced interactive water fountain. The fountain itself is crescent shaped, permitting spectators to walk into the very middle of the water works. In addition to this, the fountain is on ground level with sloping, cushioned walls that protect the water jets that shot out the water and mist in sequenced order. Because of this, people can walk on and over the fountain without fear of damaging any component of the fountain. This interactive fountain is sure to be a hit with kids in the hot summer days, but given the approaching autumn weather, it is unlikely that anyone will enjoy the fountain until the start of next summer.

Moving on to the inside of the pier itself, one of the most noticeable changes is in the design of the storefront entrances, which are now much larger and designed to appear as basic steel beams and columns. Nowhere are these changes more noticeable than in the entrances to the McDonald's and the IMAX theater. What once used to be a simple and drawn-back movie theater entrance and neoclassical restaurant design are now modernized to increase their appeal and visibility to visitors. This is especially true of the Navy Pier IMAX, which now has a sleek and highly noticeable entrance complete with a large digital display advertising the movies showing inside as well as the ever-impressive IMAX logo. The inside of the theater has also had noticeable improvements, from reclining chairs to improved theater sound and lighting.

Moving deeper into the pier’s interior, improvements begin to take the form of new restaurants and shops, as well as new artwork commemorating the city covering multiple walls along the way. By the time you go far enough into the pier, you reach the entrances to the parking structure that takes up much of the pier’s northern side. While not much has changed here, one of the newest additions is at the front of the parking lots, which now has designated pick-up areas not only for taxis but now Uber and Lyft drivers as well. These new pick-up locations will come especially in handy for app users who have trouble finding their rides or passengers in the vast parking structure.

With these improvements and renovations now complete, a trip to the pier is sure to be better than ever before.