Hawkward Thoughts: Choosing a Life-Role

Sat, 2017/09/23

Rarely in life I will actually give advice, as I feel it’s not really my place to do so yet. I haven’t lived very long nor faced many trials or tribulations, and as The Sunscreen Song says, “Advice is a form of nostalgia; dispensing it is a way of fishing the past from the disposal, wiping it off, painting over the ugly parts, and recycling it for more than it’s worth.” The only nostalgia I understand is from when I was a kid; life was simple, school was fun, goals were transparent, and heroes were honest and true. I’m slightly more jaded now, more unsure of what to do or of who I am than ever before.

If I have found any way to amend this, it comes with choosing a life-role. This individual can be whoever you want: a religious idol, a person you know, a historical figure, or a character from a storybook. This person’s goals don’t have to become your own, nor their career and passions yours, but there has to be something about them that inspires you to live; that will influence your actions. Let the image of this character become the spine to your life story, the oar to your canoe, and the fire in your kiln. Try to think how they might advise you in a certain situation, how they would act or if they would hold themselves back. Eventually, this method becomes like a rigid exoskeleton, helping you guide yourself with the experiences of another, eventually making yourself stronger in the process.

As well, envision yourself as a guiding character, as someone that another might use for inspiration. Everyone you admire was at one point just an average person until they achieved something great. They had inspirations, they bound off of other people’s work, learned what the other couldn’t, and saw things from a new perspective. Anyone can do this, there are no inherently special people. All famous poets use the same rhyming schemes, all of the most famous authors make references, every architect steals designs from his predecessors. If you’re lost in what you should be doing, who you should become, or how you should act, you only have to take the time to find someone or something that inspires you, let it brace you up, and run with it.