53rd Chicago International Film Festival to Celebrate the Art of Film

Sat, 2017/09/30

Starting next week, the 53rd annual Chicago International Film Festival will begin, showcasing the best pieces of cinematic artwork in recent times. As the title of the festival implies, films from nearly every corner of the globe will be presented, to show the people of Chicago how the medium of film is used across multiple cultures and societies. Films from 55 different countries will be showcased, with numerous pieces originating from Europe and Asia. Several collaboration films, which were made by teams and groups from multiple countries, will also be presented at the festival. This includes the adult animated feature "Mutafukaz" and the crime drama "The Line". These two films were created by the collaboration of filmmakers from France with Japan and from Slovakia with Ukraine, respectively.

There is no lack of variety in the genres being shown at this year’s film festival. With topics such as suspense, action, crime, science fiction, fantasy, noir, horror, drama, romance, psychological, historical, and so much more, it is very easy for one or two films to peak nearly everyone’s curiosity or interest.

Along with these fictional pieces, multiple documentaries will also be presented at the festival, many of which will focus on the topic of architecture. This is no coincidence, as the film festival is collaborating with the Chicago Architectural Biennial to present the topic to the average festival patron and visiting architectural professionals alike. One such documentary to be shown at the festival is "Die Neue Nationalgalerie", a German film about the history and recent renovations to the last building designed by Mies van der Rohe in Berlin of the same name.

The festival shall also multiple special presentations, including two tributes to commemorate the works of Sir Patrick Stewart and Vanessa Redgrave, who will be in attendance to receive the festival’s recognition. Numerous films being shown at the festival will also have introductions led by film critics or filmmakers who worked on or were inspired by the film the audience is about to see. Conversations about the film, as well as voting for films that were nominated to be in the festival’s competition will also take place for multiple films as well.

The film festival is scheduled to begin Thursday, October 12 with the opening night premiere of the new film "Marshall", telling the story of a young Thurgood Marshall, who would later go on to become the first African American appointed to the US Supreme Court. In attendance for the opening night will be the film’s cast and crew including director Reginald Hudlin, producer Paula Wagner, and lead actors Chadwick Boseman and Josh Gad. The festival will the go on until Thursday, October 26 with the closing night premiere of Guillermo Del Toro’s latest film "The Shape of Water". This horror/fairytale piece is sure to be an excellent choice to end on with Halloween being only days away from the date of the premiere.  

Tickets for the Chicago International Film Festival are on sale at the festival venue: AMC River East 21 at 322 East Illinois Street, online at chicagofilmfestival.com, and on the phone by calling (312)-332-3456.  To get to the venue, take the CTA bus 29 northbound from the Mies Campus to Illinois and McClurg, the theater will be across the street and to your left from the bus stop.