Hocus Pocus Movie Review

Sat, 2017/10/14

Walt Disney Pictures’ all time favorite Halloween movie, Hocus Pocus, was screened on Friday the 13 of October in Wishnick Hall from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. by Union Board. For those who could not make it and for those who want to relive this movie experience, here is the an overview of the movie for you all.

What is the craze about? This 1993 Disney movie was a nice witchy little flick with a fusion of famous star casts, cinematic effects, and a parental guidance script that playfully highlights PG-13 jokes. Bette Midler, Kathy Najimy and Sarah Jessica Parker are starred as a trio of evil witches. They are known as the ‘Sanderson Sisters.’ Hocus Pocus begins in a small town, in 1693, on a Halloween night after a brief flashback of witches’ conspiracy at the colonial times. Teenager Max’s family, originally from California, gets settled in the magic-mania town of Salem, Massachusetts. An adventurous turn takes place when Max takes his little sister Dani out for trick or treat.

Max and Dani then run into a mansion that is run by Alison’s family. Also, Alison happens to be Max’s classroom crush. Engaging into a conversion about the Sanderson sisters, they end up breaking into the abandoned museum. Dani gets upset about Max’s little prank. Weird occurrences eventually haunt the Sanderson house and the floorboards rattle suggesting the arrival of the three witches. After distracting the witches, Max steals the spellbook and encounters a 300-year-old feline who clearly speaks. Once out of the sisters’ trap, Max, Alison, and Dani realize that Thackery ‘Bink’ the feline is an actual legend. The sisters begin a mission to find the children to suck their lives out before sunrise in order to be immortalized. But first, they need to get hold of the spellbook which is in Max’s possession.

The trio travel through the early 90’s to track down Max and the gang. They take flight on broomsticks, which are actually vacuum cleaners. However, the kids smartly escape both the sisters and Billy, who is a zombie resurrected by Winnie (one of the sisters). Max, Dani, Allison, and Binx end up crashing a Halloween party where they can find their parents. At the party, Max warns everyone about the Sanderson sisters, but no one believes and instead resumes the party. The song playing during the party actually contains a spell set by the witches to make the partygoers dance until they die out of exhaustion. Max and the gang manage to flee from the city hall party, and Alison has an idea of going to their high school. Although the witches enter the school and search for the gang, they actually lose track of the kids who then reach home and fall asleep.

Winnie, Mary and Sarah- the witches- can’t remember the spell of eternal youth. They desperately want to get the children, and hence the spellbook. At home, Max opens the spellbook and a signal is emitted which Sarah notices in the sky. The sisters then take the flight to the suburbs on broomsticks to retrieve the book. They manage to get back the book, and also hold Dani as a hostage. Max reaches the Sanderson house in time to save Dani from drinking a magic potion, and he also fakes the sunrise with his frontal headlight of his car to get the witches on floor. The sisters do not give up. Winnie is determined to get hold of Dani’s soul as she is called out ‘ugly’ by her other sisters. Max, Alison, Binx, and Dani all run to the cemetery and away from the sisters. Dani is protected from Winnie by a ring made of crystals salt that Binx gave her.

However, Dani carelessly loses the ring and Winnie gets ahold of her after the sisters circumscribe the cemetery. Max again saves Dani in time from consuming the potion, and drinks it instead to protect his sister. Winnie then attempts to take Max’s life. Alison, Dani, and Billy begins a tug-of-war with Sarah by holding the extension cord of the vacuum cleaner that Sarah uses as broomstick. Mary and Sarah are defeated and fly off into the sky. Winnie meanwhile is knocked off her broom. As the sun rises, Winnie is fixated between the sun and the hallowed ground of the cemetery. She turns into a stone. The sisters are disintegrated by the sun, Binx dies and his soul is finally freed. Max, Dani, and Allison win.

The 93 minutes movie ends on a positive note with Max and Dani returning with their parents from the city hall, and the spellbook opens its eye as credits approach. Overall, it is a nice movie and totally worth watching on the Friday the 13th.