Virtual Career Fair

Sun, 2017/10/15

Don’t miss this easy, simple, high-tech way to find your next job!

By:  Teesta Jain and Donna Rockin

The Virtual Career Fair will be held Friday, October 20 from 10 am to 1 pm. This terrific opportunity is scheduled by Career Services at Illinois Tech. Check it out as it may be the perfect job search option for you! It’s easy to use, and so high-tech, it’s just what you would expect from Illinois Tech!

To register visit:  And, to find out more about the employers who will be participating please visit The Virtual Career Fair (VCF) is open to all current students and alumni as well as international students.

We have 19 employers already registered and more are signing up daily.  The VCF is an unintimidating way for the students to pursue job opportunities, learn about companies and network. It lets you practice your elevator pitch before conducting more important informational interviews with companies.

Depending on companies, industries and the way they conduct business, some job fairs are more appealing to very large companies and they may be hosted by certain departments in the company or economic development groups, making their focus narrower.  However the Virtual Career Fairis FREE for employers so more diverse employers will participate and some of the entrepreneurial startup and more innovative companies may be looking for less experienced, fresher and innovative students…. just LIKE you!

Often students apply for jobs and are left with an empty feeling as they wonder if their resume was ever reviewed? The virtual career fair is interactive, done in real-time, and a great opportunity for students to participate in a meaningful dialogue with the companies and learn about the culture, job requirements and get a better understanding of the job and how it matches with a company’s goals and mission. You can do this all in the comfort of your home or dorm room, be relaxed and simply chat with the company representatives.

The Virtual Career Fair (VCF) is a great time-friendly and inexpensive way to promote jobs immediately and directly to students, accelerate student communication, foster trust and meaningful engagement with students. The VCF uses a platform called Brazen™ which is an online, chat platform connecting external organizations with Illinois Tech. This online, chat platform is easy, and a non-intimidating way to reach companies and learn from them as well as answer their questions.

The IIT Career Services team recommends that all students make a list of 5-10 employers they plan to speak with and have well-thought out and articulated questions to ask them! Please participate in the Virtual Career Fair on October 20, and get the experience of your dreams all in your comfort zone and luxury of your home or dorm room. If you have questions please feel free to email (312-567-3564) or (312-567-5421).  Also, follow us on Facebook and Twitter (@KnappCenter) for more events.