Cards Against Humanity Pop Up Store Opens in Chicago

Sun, 2017/10/29

Earlier this month, the disturbingly fun and entertaining card game Cards Against Humanity had an entire store dedicated to the game and related products open on the third floor of the Block 37 shopping center in downtown Chicago. This shop, though relatively small in its size and product line-up, has seen a significant amount of business despite receiving relatively little advertisement beyond internet posts and the occasional mention on local news.

Cards Against Humanity is known for its offensive and occasionally vulgar gameplay, which makes the card sets very popular among high school and college students, who have been known to play the game at parties and gatherings to pass the time and have a good laugh while doing so. Visitors to the store can choose from a variety of themed cards packs and collections such as 90s Nostalgia, Food, Jew, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Geek, Science, Design, Holiday, and even some that are not appropriate to mention in this (or really any) publication.

Like many pop-up shops, the Cards Against Humanity shop will only be here for a limited time before the store closes and moves on to the next city on its tour of the country. The store is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and will be here until December 30. From the Illinois Tech Campus, Block 37 can be reached by taking the Green or the Red Line to their respective State/Lake stations.