Chicagoans await new iPhone X and 8 at the new lakefront Apple store

Sat, 2017/11/04

This Friday saw the release of the newest series of iPhones just in time for the holiday season. The iPhone 8 and X are reportedly two of the most advanced and highest quality smartphones now on the market. The hype around the new devices was clear as lines began to form shortly after midnight the night before the release at the new Apple store located right on the riverfront at the start of the Magnificent Mile. This new store was evidently designed with long lines in mind as the queues set up for the customers awaiting the new phones took advantage of the spacious store interior and exterior which could accommodate both awaiting and browsing customers alike. While the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus have been publicly available at other Apple stores, many Chicagoans have opted to wait until the phones went up for sale at the new lakefront flagship store, which opened in late October.

            These new phones do not come cheap, but the high quality of the phones may suggest that the devices are worth the price tag. This holds especially true for the iPhone X, which is currently being sold for $1,000. While this may sound like a ridiculous amount to spend on a phone, that was not enough of a deterrent for many fans of Apple’s products. When Apple employees asked the awaiting crowd which of two phones they were waiting for, the 8 or the X, an obvious majority were waiting for the iPhone X. Some of the reasons heard for why the iPhone X was picked over the 8 included the high-quality photo capability and the improved storage, data, and wireless connectivity to other Apple products. These products include wireless headphones and charging stations which are growing in popularity and public availability.

Another reason for the choice was the fact the iPhone X is expected to have a significantly longer shelf life as opposed to previous generations of iPhones. Most Apple iPhones in the past were replaced on store shelves by the next generation of phones within a year after being released. This quick replacement rendered many of the earlier generations of iPhones obsolete only after a few years. This is the reason why the oldest iPhone serviced by the phone’s operating system, iOS version 11, is the iPhone 5S, which was released back in September 2013. With the iPhone X, however, customers are hoping that the length of time before this phone becomes obsolete will be significantly longer than ever before. Many point to the fact that the phone’s high price and quality will keep it ahead of the competition and the yearly standard iPhone release for years to come.