Hawkward Thoughts Insomnia and You!

Sun, 2017/11/05

There are those nights when you feel like the streetlamp outside your window is shining just that inkling too brightly, that the comment your crush made on your appearance that day is sticking to the roof of your brain like peanut butter, or that you just can’t stop tapping your fingers on your thigh and have to get up and have a walk around to stop your jitters. Everybody has these nights, they are as normal and as common as the mornings when you can’t get out of bed without the promise of coffee. Unfortunately, some are too familiar with these nights, and have no choice but to stay awake, night after night, meandering about their rooms and their dorms, counting the seconds of peace they might get until dawn if they could just fall asleep at that very moment. I, as it happens, am one of these people, though I would prefer to label myself as a manic-productive somebody instead of as a straight-edged insomniac. My days don’t really seem to start until after 5 p.m., though I have 8:35 a.m. classes every morning, and I don’t tend to find myself in bed until around 3 a.m., if not later. Though most would imagine these quiet hours to be a curse set upon them by some malevolent figure of the night, I, after quite some time, now see them as my most productive period of the day.

It is true, studies have shown that working at such hours will not yield as magnificent of work as that done during the day, nor that the worker will be as efficient, but for us who live in this manner, it is the only way there is. Err on the side of the historians instead of the researcher, I say, for the past insists that the greatest minds never slept. If you must sleep, however, I have found only a few remedies, yet none of them is perfect. The conglomerate remedy is that one should stretch in the shower, stay clear of any electronic entertainment, make their bed, drink water and keep a chilled water bottle on their nightstand, use the bathroom, do a short set of pushups or jumping jacks, slip into bed, and start recounting everything that had happened that day from the moment they woke up that morning. If you still cannot sleep, however, at the very least find something to fill your nights with, as I and many others have, and soon it may too become your favorite part of the day.