The power of asking questions: be assertive

Distribution Manager
Mon Feb 22, 2021

"Ask and thou shall receive." We all would have heard this, but how comfortable you are to ask for something you want makes a big difference in fetching you the right opportunity. We meet a lot of people every day and there are situations you will be tempted to ask for something but back away. Later we regret the missed opportunity. To ask for something, whether it is a doubt, a job, a help, a favor, makes a huge difference in its outcome. Well, things usually don't get served to us on a golden platter. We need to go search for them and when we open ourselves, we will discover there is more that we have never known. For example, there are numerous store discounts we are unaware of and we have missed them because we haven't asked for them. Questioning everything around us not only reveals the hidden truths but also creates diverse perspectives we never knew that existed.

Do you know in 1994, when Steve Jobs was in high school, he cold-called Hewlett-Packard's co-founder Bill Hewlett from the phonebook to request some leftover electronic spare parts to build the frequency counter and, to his surprise, Hewlett picked up the phone. At first, he was amused, and soon after, taking the young man more seriously, he offered Jobs an internship. Well, we don't even ask for doubts in our classrooms. The will to ask something is the inception of acquiring knowledge. Once we stopped asking, everything will become stagnant. Imagine in the government, the opposition party not questioning the ruling about their actions, we will no longer have democracy. 

Also asking the right question is important to get the maximum result. It incites our innovative capabilities because our minds are natural problem-solvers. The brain is a versatile and pliable medium that loves to brainstorm, conceptualize, analyze, process, and absorb new data. This immense potential can be easily tapped into with the right questions. There is a saying, "a person is judged on his/her questions rather than the answers." The most affected people are introverts who are not comfortable speaking out. Curiosity is a part and parcel of human life. If we stopped asking questions, we would very well perish sooner. The power of asking has solved many clashes, has prevented companies not lose their business, has created brilliant visionaries. So never stop asking questions.



Appears in
2021 - Spring - Issue 4