Respect, does that really matter?

TechNews Writer
Mon Feb 22, 2021

Respect is something that every individual deserves for anything they do. Even the security guard deserves equal respect as the manager. Giving respect to someone for no reason will motivate them towards their work. We are always told to respect our elders, teachers, parents, friends, siblings, relatives, and many more. But to stop caring for someone due to the lack of respect, is this right?

The above question has many answers but the main motive behind all is the same. Most of the time to earn respect our ego speaks. This always leads to a sad climax. In a particular job, if your talent and skills are being misused, you are not given enough respect and designation for your skills, then it is wrong. But if you address your pain to the right person in the right manner, they will ensure that you receive respect. Give a chance to fix it and if it doesn’t work then leaving the workspace would be the right step. The main thing to be considered here is the manner. Similarly, consider a relationship, here the care and emotions are not for respect but for the feelings they have for each other. In a true relationship, they never expect anything in return. But if without expectation, they get valued by another person for the efforts they have put in, it will always make them feel worth to be investing in the relationship. Expectations always ruin a relationship. Doing anything just because you are expecting it in return will be wrong. If we leave expectations aside and get going with care and affection, it can build the bond even stronger and healthier.

Respect being questioned is always a threat. But letting our ego taking over the respect leads to many mental crises. The time when our ego speaks for the respect we deserve, it spoils many bonds and people for just a silly reason. The ego always leads to spoiling any healthy relationship. And the relationship can be of any kind like siblings, parental, couples or friends. Never work for someone because it is been told, rather do it because you love it. Once this is being followed by every individual, the ego will never speak for the respect you deserve. Rather you will prefer to go through the right manner to earn your respect without spoiling any bonds. Respect does matter until ego speaks.



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2021 - Spring - Issue 4