Armour Spring 2017 R&D Expo

Tue, 2017/04/11

Last Thursday in the main lobby of the Rettaliata Engineering Center, the Spring 2017 Armour Research and Development Expo recognized the hard work and effort made by students conducting research here at Illinois Tech. The spring 2017 expo was somewhat different from previous years in that the time of the presentation was moved from the typical midday time slot in past semesters to one later in the evening. The change in time provided a unique opportunity for students and professors alike who were unable to attend the expo in previous years due to classes starting at and around the middle of the day. Numerous students and faculty members were in attendance as the students proudly displayed and explained their work to the curious crowds that gathered around their displays. To make room for the large number of presenting students this year, much of the furniture and tables usually present in the lobby had to be removed and temporarily stored down the hall for the evening. Judges observed and listened attentively as they worked through all the displays present. Once they had completed their rounds, the judges began their discussions and tallying of points given by each judge to each student presentation at the expo. While they worked, the expo progressed with a brief reception in a side room containing pizza and lemonade for the observing students and a nice dinner buffet for the faculty and presenting students. After about half an hour of deliberation, the judges came to their final decisions and made their way to the center stage and podium to announce the winners for the Summer 2016, Fall 2016 and Spring 2016 Expos. In addition to these winners, the runner ups for each expo were also awarded ,in addition to the individual student who obtained the highest score from the judges among all three of this school year’s expos. The entire list of winners will be posted on the Armour College of Engineering website later this week.