Game Review: The Red Dragon Inn

Wed, 2017/09/06
Joshua Ferm
Recently I purchased The Red Dragon Inn made by SlugFest Games. This game is made for two to four people, though expansion packs that can be added to increase the player number. The game comes with four characters: Gerki the Sneak, Deirdre the Priestess, Fiona the Volatile, and Zot the Wizard (and his rabbit Pooky). The player starts off with ten gold coins, a clear marble representing alcohol content starting at zero on a number line, and a red marble representing fortitude starting at twenty on the same number line. There are two ways for a player to lose: If the marbles cross at any point, if the player “passes out and the Wench drags them to their room in the inn,” or if a player loses all of his or her gold, then “the Wench kicks them out of the inn and they must sleep in the stable.” Each character comes with a stack of cards to harm and defend against other players. Though they are different in their wording, the general action for cards in these decks is the same.  The cards can be as fun as, “Gambling - I’m in!” or “My Goddess heals me,” healing Deirdre’s fortitude by two, to more harsh cards such as Gerki’s “How did this get stuck in your back?” and Fiona’s “No more chain mail bikini jokes!” causing another player to lose three fortitude. At the end of a turn, the player gives a drink from the Drink Deck to a friend and proceeds to drink their own beverage. When drinking this card, the player takes the alcohol content or fortitude loss shown on the card. A Light Ale will give a player one alcohol content, but the more deathly Dragon’s Breath Ale will cause a player to gain four alcohol content bringing them closer to passing out. Overall, this game is extremely easy to learn and will provide hours of fun. In fact, each game takes around an hour, and players will be more than happy to quickly reset the game and play five more rounds. This game is definitely a great way to enjoy passing the time and is well worth the investment of $25.