Illinois Tech’s Society of Women Engineers hosts end-of-year banquet

Sun, 2017/04/16

On April 14, 2017, Society of Women Engineers hosts banquet in Pritzker club to congratulate their efforts during the academic year - fall 2016 and spring 2017. The executive board members: Sirisha Damaraju(President), Leslie Villanueva(Vice President), Sany Nguyen (Events Coordinator), Gina Kapadia (Secretary), Austeja Staneviciute (Treasurer) and others were awarded for their passion and work for this organization.

IIT’s SWE has promoted aspiration, achievement, and advancement throughout this academic year through diverse activities. Whether it was luncheon learn speaker sessions (with guests from the industry) or the meeting with Fermilab, SWE members have had opportunities to connect with people from congruent STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) background.

The banquet kick-started with the servings of exquisite dishes in the Pritzker Club. SWE members were welcomed to a composed atmosphere. Although the dress code was formal, members were much at ease and were engaged in casual conversations with each other. From time to time, they were taking selfies and enjoying each other's company.

Soon, President Damaraju drew everyone’s attention. She began with thanking everyone for making it to the banquet. In her speech, she also mentioned how SWE has shaped her into someone who approaches circumstances with flair. As a sophomore, she learnt much from this organization through leadership. Her equation for the smooth running of SWE was dedication coupled with hard work. She shared the limelight with Vice President Villanueva, who has been supportive to her throughout her journey as the president.

She continued by congratulating everyone for believing in SWE. And, she proceeded with a modest award ceremony. A few unique awards included the best freshman, best sophomore, best junior, and best senior of the year. Another interesting award was the best male member in SWE which went to Aury-Ken Bwashi.

The president also seized the chance to show her appreciation to the alumni that joined in for the gathering by presenting each an award. She further introduced  the newly elected executive board members: President - Austeja Staneviciute, Vice President - Gina Kapadia, Secretary - Shailee Shah, Treasurer - Savannah Kelley, Public Relations Chair - Amreen Nasreen and Events Coordinator - Ashley Mathius.