Illinois Tech Track and Field team competes at Benedictine University

Sun, 2016/04/17

The Illinois Tech men's and women's Track & Field teams competed at the Benedictine University Relays this past weekend. The weather was warm and sunny on both Friday and Saturday and Assistant Coach Nick Schneigert predicted that the team would be setting many personal records that day, and he was right. Almost all of the athletes on both the men's and women's teams broke their own personal records on their events. A notable athlete from the women's team was Taylor Schaub, who continued to impress with her high jump marks, placing third out of 24 athletes with a mark of 1.55 meters. This was her second best collegiate mark for the high jump. Schaub also placed 49th in the 200 meter dash with a time of 30.17 seconds. Also notable was Rebecca Bell, who placed 34th in the 1500 meter with a time of 5:26.53. Sprinters Genevieve Hummel and Danielle Boer each improved their own personal times in both the 100 meter and the 200 meter dashes by at least a second. All the athletes on the women's team saw great improvements in their performances and this was an extremely successful meet for the team.

The men's team also experienced some record-setting moments, as the 4×400 meter team finally broke the school record, a goal Coach Schneigert had been working toward all season. The team consisted of David Polzin, Cole Dammeier, John Xavier, and Demis Thomas. The team broke the school record, set in 2008, by over three seconds, with a time of 3:29.49. Joseph Yassin had another set of strong performances. He placed second in the javelin with a score of 52.60 meters, fourth in the discus, with a score of 42.87 meters, and sixth in the shot put, with a score of 13.88 meters. In the 400 meter dash, Thomas came in 14th place with a time of 52.91 seconds and Polzin came in 26th place with a time of 54.83 seconds. Dammeier, with a time of 4:14.81 came in 18th place in the 1500 meter. Xavier's time of 11.74 seconds got him a placement of 32nd in the 100 meter dash. Javier Sorribes-Camargo set three collegiate personal records with a score of 5.57 meters in the long jump, and times of 12.64 seconds in the 100 meter dash and 26.23 seconds in the 200 meter dash. All the athletes on the men's team did an exceptional job at this meet and the team continues to see improvements week after week.