ISA packs the house at their Bollywood Musical at Cultural Night 2017

Sun, 2017/04/16
Reno Waswil

Illinois Tech's Indian Student Association (ISA) serves to “foster a sense of community and friendship among all people of South Asian origin and anyone who likes to interact with them.” On Saturday, April 15, ISA held their “Bollywood Musical at Cultural Night 2017” to a packed house in the Hermann Hall Auditorium.

Starting a little past 7:00 p.m., the show featured performances of acting, music, dance, and more presented and hosted by Illinois Tech student. Beginning the show with observances of both the Indian and American national Anthems, the show proceeded to, in addition to presenting “desi” culture in its many contemporary forms, also presented how that culture has blended and been affected by American culture and vice-versa.

The night concluded with a food social held in the Hermann Hall Expo for those who arrived before 9 p.m. (those arriving afterwards would not receive food tickets) concluding the night of cultural-rejoicing entertainment.