Student Government Association elections committee concludes 2017-2018 executive board elections

Tue, 2017/04/11
Ethan Castro

As situations demand it, the Illinois Tech Student Government Association (SGA) reserves the right to create special committees for single, specific projects. Unlike the established SGA committees, such as academic affairs, communications, or student life, these special committees are created solely to facilitate a single project or action. In this instance, every spring semester, SGA creates an elections committee to ensure a smooth nomination, orientation, and voting process for the organization’s annual executive board elections. These elections are held and opened to the entire university student body to determine the organization’s new president, executive vice president, vice president of academic affairs, vice president of communications, vice president of student life, and finance board chair. Arguably, these positions represent some of the strongest outlets for translating the concerns and desires of the student body into proper, tangible administrative action.

This semester, the annual SGA Executive Elections Committee consisted of President Hamze “Leo” Sukkar, Secretary William Gordon, Chief Justice San Dinh, Finance Board Chair Sung Min Choi Hong, Senator David Arnold, Senator Ethan Castro, and Senator Erin Nelson. In addition, the previous academic year’s executive vice president, Mete Morris, joined the team shortly after its creation. Together, these members were responsible for every aspect of the organization’s executive board elections, from the initial nomination process to the final vote tallying.

Components of the committee’s efforts could be felt throughout the entire campus. This committee was responsible for creating and publicizing the initial nomination form that began the process of running for an SGA executive board position. From there, candidates then had to accept their nomination, understand the role for which they were running, and undergo an orientation process before being cleared to officially begin their campaign. All along the way, the SGA elections committee stood at the ready to publicize all relevant forms and answer any potential questions.

As individual candidate campaigns began, the committee in turn looked towards promoting the elections as a whole. Reserving and painting several windows on the MTCC Bridge (to the personal dismay of Senator Castro), printing and distributing dozens of flyers, holding two separate debates for the candidates for every position, publicizing the bios of every candidate, and making the official voting form all fell under the due jurisdiction of these intrepid volunteers. A special coding script even had to be developed to audit the final voting results and ensure all ineligible voters (such as alumni, staff, and faculty members) were not counted towards the final results.

The election results were officially announced at the senate hearing on Wednesday, April 5, and the SGA Elections Committee expresses their congratulations for all of the new executive board members as they lead the organization towards its ongoing mission to act on behalf of the entire student body. President-elect Morgan Peters, Executive Vice President-elect Alyssa DeLuca, Finance Board Chair-elect Nina Tamras, Vice President of Academic Affairs-elect Golzar Shobeiri, Vice President of Communications-elect Nathan Cooper Jones, and Vice President of Student Life-elect Beatrice “Trixie” Weiner will all be officially sworn into office at the next senate hearing on Wednesday, April 19.

Finally, to the personal surprise and denouement of Senator Castro, he awoke the morning after election results to find that all of the MTCC Bridge windows painted for the elections had already been cleaned. His self-prescribed task of cleaning the windows after all SGA elections has finally been broken.