Does a perfect study plan exist?

TechNews Writer
Mon Feb 22, 2021

There is no such thing as a perfect study plan. The study plan varies with respect to the individual. No two people will have the same study plan, because the mental capacity varies with individuals. So even if following other study plans fails to give efficient output, do not lose hope.

The time taken by every individual to learn new things differs. So it is difficult to channel ourselves according to the study plan of another individual. A perfect study plan doesn’t consist of more hours devoted to studying. Rather, it is the efficient use of time. After a point in time, our mind gets saturated and we cannot continue after we have reached our saturation level. One’s saturation level is only known by the individual. For some, it is enough only to study two hours a day but make sure the two hours you are putting in, you give your 100 percent.

Here are a few tips that would help you to create a perfect study plan for yourself. Initially, find out a time in the day where your mind is active. It may be early morning, afternoon, evening, or midnight. After you have fixed the time you are ready to make a study plan. Next is to know about your saturation level. The saturation level is about how long you can be attentive in a single subject at a stretch. Once these two things are known, you will get an idea about how your study plan must go. 

Consider you have five subjects in a semester. It is not necessary to study all five subjects every day. Rather, make a group of two subjects and divide it in a week. Also, the group of two is to be chosen in such a way that one should be the subject that you love more than the other. So if you start with a subject which you like the least of the two, once you lose interest you can switch to the subject which you like so that you can get things done efficiently. Study plans vary according to the type of learner you are. If you put in your 100 percent during the study time, that is enough to get you maximum efficiency. 

A study plan never decides what kind of learner you are. Rather, it will help you to grow faster as a learner. A perfect study plan is something that is made for you and in which you are comfortable in.




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2021 - Spring - Issue 4