The four tech email newsletters worth subscribing in 2021

Business Manager
Mon Feb 22, 2021

Email inbox, New York Times, Apply Daily (a Hong Kong news outlet), Telegram channels, Discord servers, Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, and WhatsApp groups — this is more or less the order of my daily routine of looking at information and updates every morning. Honestly, I am overwhelmed by information, but it is also important to catch up with what is going on with the world, especially in the fast-changing tech community. 

My email inbox is my first stop, and sometimes my last stop. Not only is it because of important work or class updates, but also because I am excited to read the four tech, start-up, and data science newsletters! Here are my four favorite tech newsletters.

The Hustle is a daily tech and business newsletter that covers a number of featured news the tech and start-up community is hyped about . It also introduces  new products or services that the readers should look into. The highlight of this newsletter is its down-to-earth, humorous tone. Together with professional coverage and comments on tech news stories, the editorial team never fails to amuse you with some side jokes or stories related to the main event. For example, the newsletter on February 15, 2021 discussed the spotlight audio-chat social networking app Clubhouse, and the editor looked forward to “a Clubhouse chat between 2 soft spoken people (Elon) Musk and Kanye West (and maybe Vladimir Putin, too).” In early February, the company was recently acquired by HubSpot, the marketing tech giant, so I look forward to seeing more quality content after this investment. 

The Daily Crunch by TechCrunch covers daily “Crunch” news about rising start-ups, tech company valuations and acquisitions, and updates on technology laws and regulations. TechCrunch should sound familiar to those who keep an eye on the growth of high-tech and start-up communities. Founded in 2005 by a few venture capital partners and then acquired by AOL in 2010, this online newspaper company has spanned its news coverage from potential start-ups still looking for funding to unicorns valued at billions of dollars. Thinking of being a successful entrepreneur and looking for tips to close Series A, B, or ambitious C funding? This newsletter should be your daily read.

The Batch is a weekly newsletter by that just started in October, 2020 to cover the latest research works, business use cases, and innovation in AI and machine learning. “Dear friends,” the newsletter starts off with a remark on a certain topic or a growing trend by Andrew Ng, the founder of The newsletter then covers several stories  that are labeled “what’s new,” “key insight,” “how it works,” “results,” “behind the news,” “why it matters,” and “we’re thinking.” I really like the flow of guidance in reading the news where the main ideas of interest are easy to catch for further thinking. The events are also advertised on the newsletter, and most of them are interesting and insightful. My last click on the newsletter is usually to RSVP to their events.

The Daily Picks by Towards Data Science is a catalogue of articles published on Medium their editorial team recommends from new articles published during the week. Toward Data Science is a platform for data science researchers, enthusiasts, and field experts to write about “hands-on real-world examples, research, tutorials, and cutting-edge techniques.” Usually, the “Latest picks” section suggests four articles, and the section “In case you missed them” suggests another four articles that were published or recommended earlier. By clicking the article link, the reader will be directed to the site to read the full article. From my experience, the recommended articles really explain the concepts well and are supported by graphics to guide you through the algorithms and models. The only detriment is that Medium is a paid subscription platform. However, other than Towards Data Science, there are also a lot of great articles on Medium. Subscriptions are worth their price.



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