Five things that I discovered about Twitter

TechNews Writer
Mon Feb 22, 2021

The five things that I discovered about Twitter are:

1) To create a significant impact on Twitter, you shouldn't have to be popular.

Yes, for both in reality as well as for Twitter, Rick Warren is popular, however Bill Hybels requires support from Twitter. Hybels ought to have a lot better followers on Twitter, but he required a Twitter mentor.

2) You need to have a strategy to do well on Twitter (as well as on social media platforms in general). Tony Morgan stated and said he would concentrate on strategy, leadership, and management. You need a schedule which contains what you are going to concentrate on, how much you are going to tweet, etc. You can't just say, "I'm going to concentrate on my church," if you're a priest. You do more than that. What passion does your church have? Concentrate on that. Then post on twitter about it.

3) Social networking requires attitude as well as personality. There are very few individuals who can only tweet aphorisms all day long. The only exception is John Piper, and when people began posting Biblical quotes and prophetic messages every day to be like Piper, they almost destroyed Twitter. I mean, allow Piper to be Piper, and you'll be yourself. Present your character or attitude, share your real thoughts, have some fun. If you don't, then only people who will be reading your statements will be you and your girlfriend.

4) I believe one needs to obey everyone. Firstly, if you're a priest, you don't want anyone in your church asking why you've been following some of them and not others. Further than that, though, I believe it is only cordial. I know it means some shady types could eventually wind up in the Twitter stream, but I would just block them if I were within a few thousand followers. As the number of followers gets higher, nevertheless, there is not even an assumption that you recognize who is in the group.

5) On Twitter, do not even consider artificially increasing your number of followers. The bottom line is that you're doing some stuff on Twitter to seem more prominent. People can make a ton of followers on Twitter and I know several priests who has done just that. However, one can say that whoever has purchased followers and who has attracted a genuine follower when using a few online resources. Although, people can only follow individuals, too, to see if they follow you back. But you unfollow them if they don't.



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