PlayStation 5 vs Xbox series X: which is better?

TechNews Writer
Mon Feb 22, 2021

The fight is real and interesting between Play Station 5 and Xbox Series X as they both provide high frame rates, 8K resolution, a powerful processor, and speedy SDDs as stated by their manufacturing companies Sony and Microsoft, respectively. At first sight, both consoles look impressive. Still, the question remains: which system is the better one?

The face-off between PS5 and Xbox series X is close. One would want to know the specs before buying the console, but the specs are almost the same. Only the Xbox series X has a powerful GPU and higher SSD than PS5 specs. But that does not deny the fact that the PS5 will lose its performance. Both PS5 and Xbox Series X cost $499 apiece in the United States currently. However, they have always been out of stock in the market since they have been launched because of the higher demand. Also, these are not the only options available. Sony has launched PS5 Digital Edition for $400, and Microsoft has done the same with its digital edition Xbox Series S for $300, as checked upon the company’s website and on both Target's Walmart's websites.

People want to buy these consoles like crazy. The number of wish lists is remarkable from three months. People are willing to pay $1000 to get a PS5 or Xbox Series X from resellers (or "scalpers) if they could. But it still does not tell what system is better, right?

Right now, it is difficult to say if PS5 has more exciting games than the new Xbox. They have only launched a new "Spiderman- Miles Morales," "Demon’s souls," and a few more till yet compared to the Xbox Series X that has launched games like "Gears 5," "Ori," and the "Forza Horizon 4." Other than this, they have launched new mutual games like "Assassin's Creed: Valhalla," "Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War," "Cyberpunk 2077," and a few more.

About design, the controller always has a great role in the preference but this time, the PS5 controller looks a bit asymmetrical, with game buttons switching from vertical to horizontal configuration. The Xbox controller is still the same, better space, and is sleek. Whereas console-wise, they both look sensible overall, just the PS5 has a USB port on the console.

To be concluded, I would consider it depends on the gaming individual and what suits their gaming style. I would say PS 5 has an edge over the Xbox Series X as it has more features, an exclusive selection of games, and faster performance of SSD.



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