Why is having a particular habit important in life?

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Mon Feb 22, 2021

From the time a child is born, parents start teaching them about what to do and what not to do. Do you know why this trend has been and is being followed for ages? It's because habits shape how the person turns out to be, and once the habit gets fixed in our daily routine, it’s very difficult to change that even when you try to. That’s the reason why parents want their kids to follow rules and develop good habits so that they don’t face trouble when they grow up.

The most common habit which starts at an early age is all about staying hygienic. It includes activities like brushing teeth twice a day (well, at least once a day is a must, but twice a day is generally recommended) to habits like making your bed after waking up in the morning. Why is it that parents want their kids to follow all these habits at such a young age? It's not that the house helpers or the parents can’t do this much for their kids but it's more of preparing the kids for their future so that they grow up with those habits and when they become independent, they don’t find it difficult adjusting all by themselves.

Do these habits have any other meaning? Well, to some extent, yes. Now take for example, parents do teach kids to stay hygienic, but there is definitely another motive here too - to protect ourselves from any infections and diseases that can come along with being unhygienic just like the way that washing hands before eating is a good habit to prevent any germs to tag along while eating and causing trouble in our internal system.

Few habits can be developed over time while some get fed into our system that we start doing them automatically even without being fully alert and can perform it even in a state of subconscious mind. Nowadays, in a world full of technology and gadgets, one habit which has reduced immensely is the habit of reading physical content like books, magazines, newspapers, etc. We do see lots of old people reading newspapers while sitting outside on their patio, but this habit of reading hard copies is slowly vanishing from newer generation due to availability of e-books and online resources where physical source is not required. People might say that there is no difference while reading online and offline and online is comfortable, but for those who like reading physical books can tell the difference in the experience while reading a book physically. That sense of holding the book in hand to the smell of crisp pages gives a whole other experience to the reader and adds a lot more essence to the story they are reading plus the added benefit of not causing any harm to our eyes due to artificial light obviously can’t be ignored.

Habit is something which can be incorporated in our system over time by performing it repetitively but classifying them into good and bad and making it your own is a matter of personal choice.



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