About Technews

Founded in 1928, TechNews is the independent student-run weekly newspaper serving Illinois Institute of Technology. The first issue of TechNews, Vol 1. No. 1 came out on April 9, 1928

TechNews is written, managed, and edited by the students of Illinois Tech. The material in TechNews does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Illinois Tech or the Editors, Staff, or Advisory Board of TechNews. There is no censorship of TechNews by the faculty or staff of the Illinois Institute of Technology. TechNews seeks to bring together the various segments of the Illinois Tech community and strives through balance and content to achieve a position of respect and excellence. TechNews strives for professionalism with due respect to the intellectual values of the university and its community.


Days Published: Tuesday

Circulation: 1,500

Readership: 40,000+

Format: 4 Column Tabloid (11" W x 17" H)

Full page size (Printed area): 4 column (9.78”) W x 15.5” H