Lonesome Fear - Short Sonet

TechNews Writer
Mon Oct 04, 2021

Something hit me hard, 

And I see you like someone I don’t know

Drama looming all around 

Tell me girl how do I act

Had a dream for life, 

Kept it in my eyes and slept

Similar to catching the moon after sunrise 

Yearned for it throughout my life.

Oh girl I am leaving your memory with you 

Nothing left to take from me and that’s true

Leaving you by 

Left my heart on standby 

Where to go who to ask all lies in your word

Why you came into my life,

Changing my darkness to light

Why did you give me this pain, 

Feeding me the lonesome fear

I could still hear you inside my head 

My own heart hurts me, 

And there lies my solemn depth 

Forgot who I was, walking along the Styx




Appears in
2021 - Fall - Issue 5