My Incoherent Ramblings: always pursue the star overhead

TechNews Writer
Mon Nov 05, 2018

Has it always been so widely accepted that all people have the right to pursue their passions and dreams? There used to be a time where such accepted ideas and concepts were more in the realm of myth and fantasy than in fact and reality. A society built upon technological advancements, economic stability, and social order has permitted a species to do something that no other organism on this planet has ever been able to do: live beyond just basic survival. 

People always say one should "shoot for the stars," but they never provide any further details as to how one is to do this or what they are to do when they actually reach the heavens. The best-case scenario I can think of when you get up there with no plan or preparation is that you freeze to death quickly before burning up in re-entry. Worst-case scenario would probably see you stuck in limbo between the glory of the heavens and the comfort of the ground, forever incapable of reaching one or returning to the other.

A better alternative to this common but flawed saying, in my opinion, would be my personal alternative. To "pursue the star overhead" is to reach not for many stars but to reach for that one star, the star facing you which is meant for you and you alone. In addition to this clarification, the utilization of the term "pursue" as opposed to "shoot" helps to signify the preparation, precision, and planning necessary to safely reach the specific star of choice. It is not possible to do this by simply shooting into the direction of the sky. It is hoped that this specification will help those do that which no other generation before has the capability of doing at such a great extent. Even if people are never to reach their own stars, the view and light of that star can only become more prominent and beautiful no matter where the journey towards it ends. 



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2018 - Fall - Issue 9