The art of meditation

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Mon Oct 18, 2021

Meditation is a practice where an individual employs a technique or a set of techniques to train his/her mind to achieve a mentally clear and emotionally stable state. Meditation has been practiced in various religions and has started gaining awareness in recent times. It is said to have various benefits such as reduction of stress levels, developing a better understanding of oneself, helps keep your mind young, improves sleep, and increases emotional intelligence, and more.

There are various types of meditations such as transcendental meditation, focus-based meditation, mindfulness meditation, visualization meditation, and more. Each type of meditation has proven to be a boon for people from various walks of life. In recent times meditation has been made accessible to all and is not just limited to monks and sages. Meditation is said to be an effective tool to help manage materialistic and spiritual aspects of life.

However traditional techniques of meditation may be hard to practice and imbibe at times. Hence, along with traditional modes of mediation, various meditation techniques that can be induced via ambiance, actions and arts are now being acknowledged.

“Art is a guarantee to sanity “stated Louise Bourgeois, a French- American artist. She used art as a tool to cope up with her overwhelming emotions. Art therapy is said to have healing effects for various ailments, mental disorders, traumas, illnesses.

One of the main aspects of meditation is connecting with oneself, art is a great tool for self-connection. Meditation is a tool for one to accept and process his /her thoughts and emotions. Art is a way to express one’s thoughts, ideas and thus attaining self-acceptance.

Dance, drama, writing, music, painting, sculpting, pottery are only a few of many art forms that can be used as a tool for meditation. Art gives us a feeling of flow and freedom that can be adapted to our daily tasks. Art helps us become steady and centered, it helps us channelize our thoughts.

Meditation has been adopted as a tool for encouraging peace of mind and emotional stability by people all over the world. The various modes through which we can meditate have now made it accessible to one and all. Meditation can instill positivity in an individual and hence in society at large.




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