"Boy in the New Country" Part One: Leaving Home for a New Beginning

TechNews Writer
Mon Oct 29, 2018

Ever since I first thought of moving to the U.S. for my further studies, there was always some kind of skepticism in my mind of how would things work out, how I would cope up with it, how I would adjust to the new environment, how I would make new friends (it is not easy to gel with people younger than you when you are 29), and so on and so forth. But here I am, putting my life in India behind me (but not forgetting my family and my close ones back home) and starting to make a new one.

Starting with the journey from India to the U.S., there were a lot of emotions I carried along with me. Not to forget my loved ones; it is extremely tough to leave them back and commence a new journey. But I believe that’s life. It is never fair to anyone, and as the saying goes, “you win some, you lose some.” To achieve your dreams and to run towards the goal, you must make a lot of sacrifices along the way, which I feel everyone must have made in their life. Anyways, I won’t bore you all with this philosophical knowledge and will focus more on writing something interesting.

Just to be real and frank, I got the idea of this title after watching one of the Indian movies one night and I felt like writing about my experience of how it feels to be in a place where everything is new: new culture, new people, new places to explore, everything new.

So, here I am in Chicago. One of the most beautiful places in the U.S. to be in. I don’t know about you guys, but every time you land in a different city and come out of the airport, there is a vibe in the air that makes you go, "Wow! This is different," or "Duhhh...where the h**l have I come?" Jokes aside, by coming to Chicago, even after the tiresome journey, this crisp Chicago air made me realize, "okay this is it. This is the start of your new journey. This is where it was meant to be," (at least until now).

The journey from the airport to Illinois Institute of Technology was interesting. Until that day, I had seen the interstates, the transport systems, and the scenery in front of the TV, laptop or cell phone (I don’t own an iPhone, so I just referred to it as the cell phone). Trust me, the journey that I had thought of was totally different from what I had expected. I mean, tell me, how often do you get a party bus to pick you up at the airport? Yeah, you read that correctly. There was a party bus to pick up the students. How cool can it get!? (There was a miscommunication between the transport person and the representative, and they sent in the wrong bus, so don’t assume things). So here I am on the bus, to the college for a new beginning of my life, the journey I would call as “Back to College, again.”




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2018 - Fall - Issue 8