My experience at the 2021 Chicago Air and Water Show

TechNews Writer
Mon Aug 30, 2021

Chicago’s airplane and water show is conducted once a year by the United State’s Navy Blue Angels. This is a two day event conducted on August 21 and August 22 from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. This is one of the free events conducted once a year. The best viewing experience of the show is between Oak Street and Fullerton Avenue. Due to COVID-19 this show was cancelled last year in 2020, even though United State’s Navy Blue Angels conducted the show to honor the healthcare workers who are fighting the covid-19 pandemic. Believe me, you will be having an amazing experience in the lakefront view during these two days.

The mission behind the show is to showcase teamwork and professionalism to the people of the country, especially the younger generation. This show is created to open the city, so that people can come out and enjoy the day after the worst of the pandemic.

But how to get there? Public transportation is the best. The public transportation in Chicago is one of the best in the United States, so people don’t need to worry as much about the travel plan. The estimated amount of visitors for this event was 2 million, as this is one of Chicago's biggest summer events. I could see the security guards and the patrols who are guiding the people who are new to the event. 

I saw many people coming early and spending time with their family members and friends. The mix of hot and cold breezes at the beach makes people relax and enjoy the summer season. You can enjoy the show with the great view if you are in the high skyline of Chicago. These experiences are unforgettable. Also, the symmetrical movement of the planes in both directions made the show hit to the next level. The exact symmetry can be seen only if you experience the show in the greatest tower. I would recommend every international student who is residing in Chicago must definitely try this event and have fun next year, because the Chicago Air and Water Show is one of the biggest events you can get for free in Chicago. From my experience this is one of the greatest plane shows one could ever experience in their life.




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