Chicago's Lakefront Trail: Why you should Visit the Lakefront Trail

TechNews Writer
Mon Aug 30, 2021

Chicago's 18 mile Lakefront Trail is one of the best paths for marathon runners all over the world. It is divided into three sections named North, South, and Middle. This 18 mile trail includes volleyball courts, beaches, and playgrounds. Also the road is very good for runners as well as bikers. For much of the trail, it has separate lanes for both the runners and bicycles, so people don't need to worry about accidents. During weekends people are diving into the beach, conducting parties, and having lots of fun events. You could also see Chicago's 2021 Air and Water Show from the lakefront as well!

After coming to Chicago, one of the best habits I found in many people was running. I don't find any common schedule with the people. Depending on their schedule, they are allotting time to run any time of the day, so I can see people running every time when I visit the Lakefront Trail. I noticed many people; they are punctual. I found a routine habit in them which makes their life comfortable. The Lakefront Trail in Chicago is one the best places to practice for a full or half marathon, or even shorter races. Also I see from many people's faces that they are eagerly waiting to participate in the marathon events which are coming in the upcoming months. I would suggest everyone to run. Even if you are not running, the Lakefront Trail will make you run. Try to be regular. Many people told me that they are missing the run on the lakefront during the months of January to March due to the spring season. As you all know, the spring season in Chicago is very hard due to inconsistent weather. 

Running everyday in the early morning will give you confidence to move forward in your life. Whenever I feel stressed or lazy, I tie up my shoes and start running beside the lake. this makes me calm and comfortable. Also my brain gets activated when I start to run. Believe me, the days go easy only when I run during the morning time.

During the summer season, the sunrise was one of the best views one could get in the morning time in front of the lakefront. Believe me, you can see many people running in front of the lake, and this gives you confidence while you are running. Also I see one thing in common in everyone is they are consistent in their habits, which is what you need in your life to improve yourself.





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