CrossFIIT approved as student organization, senators confirmed at SGA

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Mon Sep 30, 2019

The Student Government Association (SGA) Senate approved the creation of a new student organization dedicated to physical wellbeing. The group, called CrossFIIT, is dedicated to helping make its members fit and healthy through using CrossFit. 

The organization was pitched to the Senate by Katia Flores, the president of CrossFIIT. The organization was approved on a one year, temporary basis. The Senate will reapprove the organization at the end of the academic year. This unusual modification was made at the behest of SGA President Eric Scott as an attempt to hold new organizations, in general, accountable. 

CrossFIIT began its life at the end of last semester as conversations between Flores and her future organization cofounders. “I’m very passionate about CrossFit. I think there’s a lot of benefits from it,” Flores said after the meeting. 

A major point of contention in the organization’s approval process was finances. Joshua Bowden, the head of SGA’s financial arm, offered pause to Flores’ initial proposal of the Student Activity Fee (SAF) paying for individual CrossFit gym memberships. The financial question was eventually ameliorated when someone in the meeting reminded everyone that Rock Climbing Club, another fitness oriented club, has established partnerships with gyms in Chicago. 

New senators approved  

The Senate, under the regulations made official at last week’s Senate meeting, approved two new senators. The senators both come from the Computer Science Department in the College of Science. Both have had significant experience in SGA before as either volunteers or senators. 

Kiara Jasunas, a second year, said in her initial statements to the Senate that she wanted to focus on the student experience at Illinois Tech. “I want to connect the students better to the school. I feel like it doesn’t happen very often,” Jasunas said. 

The other new senator, Mert Armagan, is a fourth year who was a senator last year. He stressed continuity throughout his address to the Senate. He listed specific projects he had experience with that he wanted to continue. “We’re looking to bring some transparency to our SGA,” he said. 

Student government project updates 

Student government is organized into three branches: Finance Board, Judicial Board, and the Senate, with an executive board comprised of the president and various vice presidents. The members of these branches participate in several committees, all of which work on projects throughout the year. 

The current projects that the various executive officers and committees are working on include several legacy projects, recurring events, and new initiatives.

Finance Board is continuing its rollout of a reform to its hearing and budgeting processes. These are planned to decrease wait times for Finance Board meetings and for funds to become available to student organizations. 

Projects relating to the Student Life Committee are often the ones that impact the day-to-day student experience. They have recently received an important approval on their initiative to make menstrual hygiene products available to students. TechNews will continue to cover this story.



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