The Domas Uprising

TechNews Writer
Mon Aug 26, 2019


Have you ever walked into a situation while focusing on a completely different task and realized this was exactly what you needed?

As it turns out, Emory's life had been a series of such situations one after the other. His first memory of himself as a person was travelling to Domas. A wide-eyed four-year-old gripping the window rails of the train as though his life depended on it. He watched the scenery zoom past him as the train sped up. The vast fields lined with rows of maize in perfect symmetry gradually transcended into an urban backdrop which saddened him but at the same time made him curious. The passengers started moving in a frenzy to get off at the next station. A second of delay would mean them missing their destination as the train would stop for no more than one minute. In this short span, a massive crowd would disembark and alight this train and carry on with their lives as if the exchange never happened. Emory's eyes dazzled seeing this exchange and he glanced at his mother expectantly as if she would have an explanation for this organized chaos. His mom, however, had different things on her mind. A young mother who had run from a small town to build a family in the city of dreams.

The train jolted to a stop and Emory's mom pulled his hand and plunged right into the middle of it while his dad took care of the luggage. As the train left, three people stood on the platform with hope in their eyes and doubt in their hearts not knowing what was in store for them.  The family headed towards the exit unaware that a shadow followed them from a distance. The shadow gripped his gun uncomfortably beneath the tuxedo as the crowd pushed him farther from the target. So far he had managed to evade prying eyes but Domas was different. The city had the most advanced surveillance network in the country that could threaten the entire mission. The shadow, however, had an unwavering resolve with only one goal in mind: Emory had to return.



Appears in
2019 – Fall – Issue 1