The Domas Uprising : Part 2

TechNews Writer
Mon Sep 09, 2019


The entire class sat hushed as the teacher finished writing the sentence on the blackboard. “Who here can tell me which tense this sentence is in?” Emory raised his hand meekly. “Yes, Emory?” the teacher asked in an irritated tone. “Ma'am, the spelling for tomorrow is incorrect!” “What?” replied the furious teacher. “The spelling for tomorrow is incorrect,” Emory repeated. The teacher’s face turned red from embarrassment as she could not digest the fact that a seven-year-old who had joined the school two days ago was correcting her in front of the entire class. “Get out of the class!” Emory stood there confused, as he did not understand what happened. He could not understand that he had undermined the teacher’s authority. The teacher shouted repeatedly but her words fell on deaf ears as Emory lost his thought train. He mumbled the correct answer, but it was of no use as an oversight had already been made.

He walked out of the classroom aware that his classmates were awed and amused by what had just happened. As he walked his surroundings warped and his knees buckled by a sudden jolt. He stood up and turned around to face the teacher. “You think you can punish me for your mistakes?” said Emory seething with anger. He coiled his fists and pulled his arm, ready to punch the teacher. A faint blue aura started accumulating around his fists made contact with the teachers face. The teacher flew into the blackboard and the ceiling shook with the impact. Emory stood there watching as his classmates ran outside the classroom screaming, and the teacher's face contorted in agony. Emory’s surroundings warped again, and he was back to his original self. He ran towards the teacher and asked her if she was ok. He could not comprehend the sudden chaos and the look of terror on the teacher’s face. “Get away from me,” shrieked the teacher. Emory ran outside the classroom with tears in his eyes to meet equally scared classmates who flinched at his sight. He ran in the other direction, his vision blurred, not knowing why was he being treated like this.




Appears in
2019 – Fall – Issue 2