Election 2018: a night to remember

TechNews Writer
Mon Nov 05, 2018

The United States 2018 elections are upon us and election night is to occur on the night of the publication of this article. What is to be expected is really anyone's guess as the turnout of electors in early voting has already surpassed voter numbers for past midterms and even past presidential elections in some regions and states in the country. Newspapers, news television networks, universities, and private organizations have all been polling the voters across the nation in hopes of providing insight into what will happen come election night, but after the shocking aftermath of the 2016 election, many take these predictions with a rather hefty serving of salt. 

Keeping this skepticism in mind, the polls still remain the most accurate method of understanding the intentions of voters. In these polls, numerous curve balls have been seen thrown towards the voting population of the country, especially in the month of October. The Brett Kavanaugh U.S. Senate hearings, mail pipe bombing attempts, Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, and approaching Central American migrant caravan have all helped to sway the polls in all directions. This has only helped to further the unpredictable nature of the elections this year.

Many people have looked forward to election night for the past two years while others have looked upon the night with fear. What is especially unique is that the population of people who will watch the election results with indifference is the smallest it has been in decades. If you are a member of this shrinking population, do not expect to remain in this group for much longer as the aftermath of the election will be sure to resonate no matter who wins or loses. Only time will tell if these effects will be in the best interest of the country, and in truth the planet, in the coming years.




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