Enduring the first snowy day

TechNews Writer
Mon Feb 04, 2019

The day was November 15, 2018. I had an important task to do, and for that, I had to travel up north to Crystal Lake. A day prior to it, I happened to see the weather forecast, and it said snow and a blizzard were coming. I had heard that blizzards are very horrible, and, as far as possible, it is advisable to stay indoors during such a phenomenon. But since I had an important appointment, I just could not have risked not going. So, beating all odds, I decided to go, and it also gave me the opportunity to test the snow gear that I had purchased a week ago.

As predicted, it had already started snowing at a good pace. It was the first time in my life that I had seen snowfall. Back in India, I had only seen snow when I was in sixth grade during my visit to the northern state of Himachal Pradesh. Excited and all prepped up, I called back home and showed my family the snowfall. They were extremely happy at first but later a bit apprehensive about me traveling in the snow, especially when the one-way journey was close to a couple of hours. After constant reassurances, I convinced them it would be all right.

So, after a quick breakfast at the Commons, I could see the snow settling down and at the same time, I observed the intensity of snow falling from the sky increasing. But that did not deter me from going out since I had the route chalked out. While walking to the Green Line station, I could see the lawn, the volleyball court and the cars in the parking lot all covered in snow. Trust me, for all these years, I had only seen this in the movies or documentaries or on the news channels and observing this all, live, was an awesome experience. After boarding the Green Line train for Clinton where I had to change, the journey was splendid as I could see downtown was covered in snow as well, well not that much, but seeing snow all around was wonderful, only to realize later in the journey that I was going to face a lot of it en route.

While boarding the train for Crystal Lake from Ogilvie Transportation Center, I could see the snow falling incessantly even before I could board the train. It had picked up pace after I had left campus. The train started and all I could see was snow all around; on the roads, on the tracks, everywhere I could see it was all snow. The density of snow increased tremendously when I left the city limits and was on the way towards the suburbs. While passing many stations, I could practically see everything white, as if the city was swept all over by snow. The Crystal Lake station where I had to get down was not different at all. Snow, snow and nonstop ever-increasing snow were all around.

Since the place I had to go to was walking distance from the station, I ditched my plans for an Uber and decided to walk. That was the toughest walk to the place. I had no experience of walking on the snow, and I just prayed at all times that I wouldn't fall while walking. All this time, snow was falling constantly, but the good part was that I came prepped up with all my winter gear, so I did not feel the chill. Although it was tough to walk in the snow, I slowly and steadily paced my way to the meeting. Finally, the meeting was done, and it was time to head back home. 

The return journey was no different. Same walk back to the station but this time around I decided to capture my walk, and this was the stupidest thing I made. Once my hands were out of the gloves to record, there was a time where I could not feel my hands as they started freezing in the cold. The worst thought started flowing in my mind, "would I get frostbite?" All tensed up, I recorded the walk, the snow, the surroundings, and whatever I could record in the time available until I reached the station. The small countryside station gave me a great view of the place. While I could literally record the snow falling at a higher speed once again, the biggest enemy at this time was the wind. Yes, the scenery looked beautiful but only for that time being. With this beautiful experience, I started my journey way back home.

By the time I returned home, I saw that all the snow that had fallen in the morning, melted away. That is when I thought, it must have snowed a lot more in the suburbs than in the city limits. But overall, a great journey and a wonderful experience. I feel this is just the trailer, and the movie is yet to come soon in the months from January to March.




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2019 - Spring - Issue 2