Everlasting debate topics of the 90's

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Mon Apr 18, 2022

Movies, TV shows, and growing pop culture have governed major parts of the late 90s, not only by personality development of an individual, but also by opening our eyes to new and developing concepts, some of which make excellent ice breakers, first date topics, and discussion topics in the social gathering. But have you ever wondered what if the discussion topics turned into debates, fights, and opinion clashes? Out of which, how many were actually resolved? What could such topics be? Here are some of the everlasting and forever unsolved topics that we all are lived and preached by:

Should Hermione have ended up with Harry Potter instead of Ron Weasley?

Is Star Wars better than Star Trek?

Were Ross and Rachel on a break?

Should Carrie from Sex and the City have chosen Mr. Big despite their conflicts?

Are Marvel movies better than DC movies?

Team Edward or Team Jacob? (From the Twilight series)

Batman or Superman? The better superhero?

FRIENDS or How I Met Your Mother? Which is the better TV show?

What happened to the spinning top at the end of Inception?

Which coffee is better: Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts?

Could Jack have fit on the wooden plank with Rose in the Titanic?

Was the ending of the Game of Thrones season finale good or bad?

Which Kardashian is the better one?

Are Disney movies better than Pixar movies?

Which Batman movie is the best?

Ronaldo or Messi? Who is the better player?

Winter or Summer season? Which is the most likable?

Drake or Kanye? Who is the better rapper?

Taylor Swift or Katy Perry? Who ruled the music industry in their period?

Deep dish or thin crust pizza? Which one is better?

Jazz or pop culture music?

Do first impressions matter on just the looks or personality of a person?

So many questions and not a single definite answer. These questions only grow and the list increases with every decade. These great pop culture topics are evergreen and everlasting and for sure will be raging on from generation to generation. Try them at your next party and see their effects.



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