Is a first impression really the best impression?

TechNews Writer
Mon Mar 27, 2023

It is said that it is human tendency to believe that the first impression is the best impression. That is how a person creates an image of another person at first. How long can a person hold it? Is the first impression really the best one? What if the other person was pretending to be the best but hiding their most authentic side? What if the person is not happy with their own self and wants to be like someone else; as the saying goes, "Grass is greener on the other side." Most of them try to wear a mask to set an impression on the other, but is that all worth the time and energy? Maybe for some time, but what about the longer term? The truth eventually spills out.

These days the problem is not the impression that we set about ourselves on others rather the problem is that we are not happy with ourselves to put it out confidently. We do not love ourselves enough to nurture and respect it. Self-love is what is lacking these days in people. Only when we love and accept our flaws, people will accept and love them too. We do not have to be perfect or work hard to create an impression. We just need to be ourselves, the purest form of ourselves, because every individual is different. The lack of self-belief is making people act and become someone totally different, someone whom they do not know, someone whom they don't recognize. They tend to mingle with a certain group and try to satisfy the demands of the people or get into peer pressure to remain in the group. Why does anyone need to satisfy a group? Our identity is unique, and it can never fit into one particular group. That does not mean you should not mingle in a group, you definitely should socialize, but in that process, never lose your identity. Because who you are and the way you are is entirely different and unique.

If you love yourself just the way you are, you will accept your flaws and work on them. You will also accept those flaws which you cannot work on, and you will be courageous to put across your opinion, your point of view, and your beliefs without hurting others.

When you start loving everything about yourself, people around you will eventually accept you the way you are, and you do not have to create an impression. The impression gets created on its own.



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2023 - Spring - Issue 8