The Girly Thing

TechNews Writer
Mon Nov 15, 2021

There exists a visitant,

who is timely on her visits;

She misses no month and never forgets

to reside for a minimum of three days.

She has her own way of visitation,

just as she pops up with her own red carpet.

She indicates her arrival often with some ache,

which at times becomes an agony.

She is hardly welcomed by any, which

she never minds of.

Her presence makes uneasiness and during

long festivities it becomes even worse.

Aqueous is her behaviour,

Liquid is her character;

Orbital is her visit,

Evident is her existence;

Time is her other name and

Periods is her common name.

Red coloured is her flag,

that alarms an active girl to doze.

Moodiness is her gift, which she brings

 in varied quantities each time.

Beyond any doubt, She is not just my thing,

She is a complete Girly thing...



Appears in
2021 - Fall - Issue10