GLO it up with Global Languages

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Fri Sep 07, 2018

Being at an internationally recognized university, it may surprise some students that Illinois Tech does not offer foreign language classes. For one such group of students, this fact led them to find a different way to cultivate language during their time in college, and thus, the Global Languages Organization (GLO) was founded.

GLO is a recently established organization that was just approved last semester. On Thursday, September 6, they hosted their kick-off event, Untranslatable, in the Bog. Executive board members Shalhevet Argamon, Lukas Proffen, and Roopa Rajesh were in charge of the event and introduced students to what GLO is and what GLO has to offer. The event not only was enjoyable, filling the night with laughs and a fantastic first impression of GLO and its members, but it also served to show what GLO is about: a love for the many languages students speak and a way for students sharing that interest to meet. 

GLO hopes to support students' desires to learn foreign languages as well as inspire students to break out of their comfort zones and interact with people from other cultures. The organization is not actively looking for instructors to achieve this, but rather, teaching is student-led. Through study groups and partnerships, students will learn along side their fellow classmates. GLO was not created to act as another form of stress for students who may already have a full plate on their hands. There are no quizzes or exams to study for or grades to keep up. The goal is to go out and meet other students to learn from. The organization acts as medium through which students can meet and find the resources they need to improve or expand their language skills.

GLO is also partnered with SPEAK, a conversation group run by English Language Services. SPEAK acts as a opportunity for international and domestic students to interact and talk about their respective backgrounds, hobbies, ambitions, etc. SPEAK's first meeting is Wednesday, September 12, on the 6th floor of the IIT Tower. Lunch is provided to students that RSVP. Additional information can be found at



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