Believe in yourself no matter what

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Mon Nov 04, 2019

Since childhood, academics has always been my stronghold. I have had many hops switching my streams between Computer Science and Electronics right from my pre-university education. Soon after completing my 11th and 12th grade in computer science, I did my Bachelors in Electronics and Communication Engineering. I opted this branch on assuming that I would end up getting ample job opportunities compared to all other branches. The excitement and curiosity I had, led to frustration as my initial years were very tough. Unless you plunge into any subject, you cannot scale the level of difficulty it offers. These subjects were complemented by laboratory courses. In my case, changing my branch back to Computer Science was mammoth task. I never lost hope. The only motivation I had is seniors, where they actually did and “so you can”. I managed to balance both academic subjects as well as the disciplines of computer science.

In zeal to understand big, I started participating in various inter departmental workshops and national level seminars. In addition to this, I completed numerous certification courses and exercised on online platforms to enhance my programming skills. My inclination towards the practical approach led me to do several projects where I could apply my programming skills on and through the campus recruitment drives conducted by our college, I proved myself by clearing the initial technical rounds of Tally and Amazon. Progressively building my confidence and learning from several attempts, I got placed in Larsen and Toubro Technology Services company.

Having not convinced with what I had, I aimed to achieve something big. My focus was completely on fields related to computer science and with quite different academic backgrounds, obtaining access to Masters program was very challenging. I strived very hard to pass all my tests and currently I am pursuing my Masters in Data Science program at Illinois Tech. I have been constructing my path to a success ever since then and now my only job is to reach. I always believed in myself and the vision I had. I never left my aspirations. Maybe the route was long, but the destination still happens to be the same.





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