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Mon Oct 01, 2018

i’ve never lived at home,

and soon i’ll pack my bags again...

  • “House of the Rising,” Sun The Animals

  • “Ghost Towns,” Radical Face

  • “Angela,” The Lumineers

  • “Welcome Home, Son,” Radical Face

  • “The Bait,” Electric Guest

  • “Such Small Scenes,” Lewis Del Mar

  • “Take a Walk,” Passion Pit

  • “New Slang,” The Shins

  • “Mountain Sound,” Of Monsters and Men

  • “Skinny Love,” Bon Iver

  • “West Coast,” Coconut records

  • “The Night We Met,” Lord Huron

  • “Chicago,” Sufjan Stevens

  • “Idle Town,” Conan Gray

hey guys, latelylate here. i make playlists. this week, i’m sharing one of my older ones that i made last year. i moved out when i was 14, and this is my fifth year living in dorms. feels kind of like a transient or liminal state of being. not sure yet which…





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2018 - Fall - Issue 5